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George Harrison & Paul Simon – Here Comes The Sun Saturday Night Live, on this date in 1976

Most likely scenario? If this is not on a dvd/vhs box set recording. Someone probably recorded this episode with a 8mm (or similar) tv recording device back long ago. Then used a film to digital transfer device. They are little mini screens that the 8mm (or similar) film shoots out too, and then another camera […]

E-Commerce firms would be willing to invest money on a computer forensics Jacksonville group

Computer forensics Jacksonville can be essential for an institution district that wants to keep their computers risk-free and protected. The security of the computers can be essential for young people that utilize those computers to study. A computer forensics group can be a lot more vital in the world of e-commerce. E-Commerce firms would certainly […]

Arya doesn’t like rain.

I just commented something something Arya my dog. I wanted to name her Hodor cause shes retarded but a) its a she b) gf hated it because “shays soooooooo cuh-yuuuuuute” c) gotta please my lady

Drug rehab Florida: the haven for all those alcohol users

Singled out from drug detox Florida, there are behavior therapies that integrate guidance, psychotherapy, supporting networks, household treatment, and many others. Drug solutions give aid in smothering the withdrawal indicators and medicine needing. They as well assist in preventing the impacts of medications. For the most part, the more medication is provided in drug rehab […]

How can drug rehab centers help you quit drug abuse?

Procedure makes up, medicine for anguish or various other conditions, suggesting by experts and sharing of happening with various other abusers. A few drug rehab centers comprise reflection and blessed wisdom in the treatment procedure. Different sorts of courses provide to assist in drug rehabs consisting of, outpatient, in-patient, neighborhood support system, recuperation or sober […]


“Varg VIKERNES embarks on a spiritual journey back in time, to the Stone Age (around 30 000 BC) to a previous life. He sees the distant past through the eyes of his former self, and doing so understands the meaning of the forgotten bear cult rituals, that still influences the modern mind. He discovers that […]

It’s a newest area of the friend zone

  My ex wanted to hang out with me, but I said Id get too emotional. She wants me to kiss her on the cheek, massage her thoroughly including real close to her vagina, and on the sides of it, she even lets me cautiously massage it, and yet she doesnt wanna get back together. […]